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Chef360 Limited is an online food ordering market place that connects restaurants, food stuff dealers and farmers with the public. We bring to our customers’ doorsteps any type of cooked and uncooked food; hot, fresh and fast just at the click of an app.

We pride ourselves as a fast-paced food delivery network poised to offer sterling and top-notch food ordering and delivery experience to our esteemed customers via our app and website with the help of our dedicated team and vendors.

We provide a risk-free solution for increasing orders and generating incremental revenues for every food vendor that partner with us all through the week.

Our mission is to offer the easiest, fastest and most convenient way of ordering and delivery of any type of cooked and uncooked food to our customers.

The satisfaction of our customers is our utmost priority so, we make sure to satisfy them by giving them what they want, when they want it fresh, hot and fast.

We ensure every order from us is of topmost quality you can find anywhere in the world and more importantly, we pay attention to the packaging of the orders, and make sure every product meets the required hygiene.



Chef360 was created to bridge the gap in food ordering business in Lagos and the country at large. We are looking to bridge the business gap between Producers to customers and business owners to customers thereby providing an avenue to satisfy needs and wants of the public. Particularly for the very busy professionals who barely have time outside the work environment and those who crave for convenience. Our target market is aimed at and not limited to busy professionals; we give them a platform that brings the local market to their doorstep.

We promise our customers an amazing customer experience with quality goods at their behest and at shortest possible time all through the week. To achieve this, chef360 will have the following in place;

  • Hubs in the highbrow areas in the state where delivery riders and vehicles will be stationed for effective order delivery.
  • Real time tracking experience for the customer and vendors
  • Quality food warmer bags for cooked food to ensure the food gets to the customer hot.
  • Ten different languages; Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French, Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba and English on our website/Mobile App.
  • Seamless payment process via one of the best payment gateway in Nigeria.
  • Wide online presence to ensure vendors partnering with us experience a wider customer base.
  • We also remove the burden of logistic/delivery.

We understand that every consumer ’s version of amazing is different, and our job is to ensure that they enjoy what they want, when they want it, where they want it fresh, hot and fast.


Chef360 builds on the largely scalable and proven online market place business model. We offer five primary value prepositions; accessibility, convenience, customization, cost reduction and brand/ status to our vendors. Also, we charge 15% commission on every order that comes to our partnered vendors through our platform.

The Company creates accessibility by enabling vendors to market themselves to customers who do not want to visit the physical location and might have difficulty finding their website online.

We offer convenience by enabling customers to place orders from our website or through our mobile app. Order can be made 24/7, with pre-order option also available.

Customers can easily obtain general impression of outlets/vendors through reviews on our platform.

Chef360 offers customization by allowing customers to filter restaurant choices by type of cuisine and to filter meals by category (appetizers, main course, desserts, etc.) and also by their preferred languages.


Chef360 adopts a hyper local approach and gives any food vendor partnering with us everything they need to provide a quality food delivery Service, from drivers to a logistics platform and packaging. We help our partners secure new customers who do not only order cooked/ uncooked food via chef360 website/ app but may want to eat in at our partner’s restaurants at a later date or make reservations for a table.

Also, our platform drives demand at times of the week when businesses are often less busy (weekends). This not only boast business growth and increase revenue by around 30%, it also ensures that resources of our partners are utilized more productively right across the week.

We also remove the burden of logistics/delivery from you and handles payment process between you and our customers. In other words, we take care of delivery processes and let you focus on what you do best.

Chef360 market your brand both offline and digitally via our social media campaigns, google, social influencers, Instagram just to mention a few.


Chef360 is looking to partner with food outlets like yours in other to bring your outlets closer to your loyal customers and also help you reach numerous new customers who do not speak English and have not heard about your service/ products.

Should you partner with us, Chef360 will support you in all aspect of your mobile product marketing activities, efficient operations and utilization of your facilities.

The Company has a tailored solution to automated order processing as we have a third-party partnership alliance with one of the payment gateways, for all payment transactions and pay-stack remit to your account directly the next working day.

We are looking to dominate all marketing channels; offline and online marketing, best web and mobile app.

We would like you to be part of our success story.


The following detailed service parameters are the responsibility of the Vendor in the ongoing support of this Agreement:

  1. To mutually agree with Chef360 on a menu of foods or drinks (collectively “Meals” in the case of cooked food) that includes Meal descriptions, Meal cost to Chef360, and

Meal pricing at the Vendor’s physical location, all of which may be changed from time to time if mutually agreed upon by the parties.

  1. To work with Chef360 to setup the ability to receive orders via Website/App; 3. To confirm the ability to fulfill orders by email at [email protected], no later than 20minutes following receipt.
  2. To notify chef360 immediately by email at [email protected] if issues arise that will affect or delay the order fulfillment
  3. To not accept any order/menu that is not available and accept order only when available.
  4. To fulfill and have complete orders ready within ten (10) minutes of pickup time indicated by chef360;
  5. To label and package all orders according to chef360 Brand Guidelines
  6. To clearly label all menu items with their corresponding dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan or dairy-free, etc.)
  7. To use commercially reasonable efforts to engage in environmental friendly practices, including packaging all orders using environmental friendly materials;
  8. To use commercially reasonable efforts to work with chef360 in the cross-marketing

and promotional activities

  1. To provide food orders on account that will be paid on the next working day
  2. To inform chef360 in writing at [email protected] of any concerns or discrepancies in connection with an order summary no less than 30 days from the statement date of such order summary.

The following detailed service parameters are the responsibility of chef360 in the ongoing support of this Agreement:

  1. To work with the vendor on a Meal menu for cooked food and uncooked food items;
  1. To send orders via email to the vendor’s order email;
  1. To use reasonable efforts to make advise the vendor quickly of any changes to orders that have been confirmed;
  1. To send any payments to the vendor via electronic funds transfer with an order summary on the next working day.
  1. To create an online presence for the vendors via chef360 website/app and will market the vendor utilizing proprietary mobile marketing campaign.

Errors and penalties

Chef360 reserves the right to determine, within reason, appropriate compensation for errors made by the vendor in the fulfillment of orders. The vendor agrees that the costs associated with rectifying such errors are the sole responsibility of the Restaurant/vendor.

Error made on customer’s order by the restaurant/vendor will be the full responsibility of the restaurant/vendor and the restaurant/vendor will bear the cost of rectifying that error.

Chef360 acknowledges that the costs associated with rectifying errors made by chef360 are the sole responsibility of chef360.

If an order fulfillment is missed, as determined by Chef360 in its sole discretion; a certain percentage will be charged to the vendor to compensate the customer.

Merchant Food Health Standards

All orders must satisfy the local governing health regulation for food preparation. Violating these standards will be grounds for immediate termination of this Agreement by chef360, as well as for an action by chef360 against the Vendor for damages.


Intellectual Property Rights and Confidential Information

Chef360 shall own and retain all right, title and interest to its intellectual property, whether registered or not, including patents, inventions (whether or not patentable), trademarks, trade names, service marks, copyrights, software, source code, and any registrations and applications for registration of any of the foregoing and confidential and proprietary information including trade secrets.

Payment & Commission On Order

  1. We charge a 15% sales commission on every order made on our platform
  2. Payments to Vendors are made after 24hrs of delivery
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